Tei Shi

Tei Shi


Fri. September 29

8:00 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

Tei Shi
Tei Shi
Crawl Space is the debut album from Tei Shi and documents her transformation from
the cautious and curious new kid on the block to a confident, self-possessed artist.
Written and recorded over a year and a half, the album traces a much wider arc, from
Tei Shi’s earliest musical explorations to this, her first long player. Born Valerie
Teicher, Tei Shi remembers composing songs as early as eight years old. The now
New York based artist was born in Buenos Aires and growing up between (Bogota,)
Colombia and (Vancouver,) Canada. Throughout every song, Tei Shi brings a
remarkable clarity to the very act of vulnerability, to exposing oneself and inviting
others in.
Dizzy is a synth-pop band from suburban Ontario who pen beautifully emotive story-songs that capture the delicacy of young love through both lyric and sound. 
Venue Information:
El Club
4114 Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI, 48209